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LGQ wish to point out that as a team, are not professional or expert paranormal investigators. We all have a personal interest in investigating the paranormal , as the paranormal is not an exact science, we can only give our opinion, based on our experience, as to whether the phenomena we may encounter, or be informed about, has a natural or man made cause. We have no,  qualifications as paranormal investigators but have an interest and many years experience between us investigating the paranormal . We will not attempt, any "clearing" or "cleansing" . Should you require assistance with this , we may be able to pass you on to someone who can help but we can accept no responsibility for any outcome through doing so.  therefore we have no wish to misrepresent ourselves. We are  happy to try and help people who are possibly suffering paranormal activity but we can not give a guarantee that the conclusions we come to are accurate or complete. We can not tell you definitively that ghosts. exist as, obviously, if there was actual scientific proof these things would not be paranormal! We may, either as a team or personally, discuss such things with you but any reference to these "entities" should be viewed as a discussion point only and not as us confirming or denying their existence. We ask you politely to come to your own conclusions on this subject.

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